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ScholarShare529 College Savings Plan (11/16/18)

 We are pleased to announce that The County of Sacramento is now offering ScholarShare529 College Savings Plan as a voluntary benefit to all employees!

457(b) Maximum Contributions for 2019 (11/13/2018)

The IRS has increased the 457(b) maximum contributions for 2019.  Participants under 50 may now contribute up to $19,000 ($730.77 per pay period) and for participants 50 or older, an additional $6,000 or $25,000 ($961.54 per pay period) is permitted.    While some of us may not be able to contribute at those levels, we encourage all employees to contribute at a level that will meet their needs in retirement while balancing their current financial obligations.  For those that would like to increase their contributions, please contact Fidelity at:  800-343-0860 or   Changes made prior to the 18th of any month will be included in the first check of the following month.  If you have any additional questions, please call the County's Deferred Compensation office at:  916-874-4695.

Open Enrollment (9/21/2018)

Open Enrollment begins October 1, 2018 and ends October 26, 2018.  Open Enrollment is the time of the year all employees have the opportunity to make health plan changes without a qualifying event.  The deadline to make Open Enrollment changes is October 26, 2018 at midnight.  Supporting documentation must be submitted to our office by November 2, 2018 at 5:00pmClick here for more information. 





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