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457(b) Unforeseen/Hardship Withdrawal (6/8/2018)

Effective June 11, 2018, the County will transition all Unforeseen/Hardship withdrawal transactions to Fidelity. 


Changes to the Plan's Fee Structure (5/21/2018)

Effective January 1, 2018, a quarterly fee determined by your account balance at the close of the prior quarter will be deducted from your account in each plan for administrative and recordkeeping services.


New Investment Lineup for Deferred Compensation (10/26/2017)

To enhance the financial well-being of participants, the County of Sacramento is rolling out a new investment lineup for the Sacramento County Deferred Compensation Plan. View details on the transition, the changes coming your way, and how this will affect you--as well as action steps you can take today.  View a short presentation of the changes and calendar of events for November and December.







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