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Through cooperative, progressive leadership, our mission is to provide quality employees and responsive personnel services that support County departments in achieving their mission and excellence in public service.

Contact Information
700 H Street, Suite 4667, Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone:  (916) 874-5593
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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Employment and Income Verifications for County of Sacramento employees are now completed through The Work Number. The two ways to contact The Work Number are by calling 1-800-367-5690 or logging onto www.theworknumber.com. The County of Sacramento Employer Code is 16582.  Please note:  Sacramento County does not use employees’ social security numbers for verifications.  In place of the social security number, Sacramento County uses an alternate 10-digit ID Number provided by the employee.

Please note:  The Sheriff’s Department and the District Attorney’s Office DO NOT use The Work Number.  To verify employment or income for employees in these two departments, please contact the following:
Sheriff – (916) 874-1195; Fax requests to (916) 874-8105
District Attorney – (916) 874-8530 or (916) 876-5822; Fax requests to (916) 321-2236​
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