Open Enrollment begins on October 7th and ends on November 8th at 5pm. Open Enrollment materials are being mailed the second week of October. All retirees should review the materials carefully, there are important changes that may impact you.

  • All ​Blue Shield and Health Net plans have been eliminated for 2014.

                                If you are enrolled in either of these carriers, you need to select a new carrier during Open Enrollment

  • Western Health Advantage (WHA) has HMO and High Deductible HMO plans options (non Medicare only)
  • Sutter Health Plus (SHP) has HMO and High Deductible ​HMO plan options (non Medicare only)
  • UnitedHealthcare (UHC) has HMO and NPPO options for retirees (Medicare only)​
  • Coverage for ​Kaiser plans remains unchanged for 2014
  • Retirees have the option to purchase vision coverage through VSP if you are not enrolled in a County sponsored medical plan, or are enrolled in a plan that does not have vision coverage

For retirees selecting UnitedHealthcare and enrolling dependents where one party has Medicare and the other does not, you will need to contact the Benefits Office Staff to discuss your options for enrollment. UHC does not have a plan that accommodates split Medicare situations. 

Example: Retiree has Medicare A & B, the spouse does not. The retiree can be enrolled in a UHC Advantage plan, but the dependent must choose either Sutter HMO or WHA HMO.


For more information review the Summary of Benefits:  

Premium costs begin on page 18- Retiree Summary 2014


Have questions? Attend an Open Enrollment event and talk directly with carrier representatives:

Retiree Open Enrollment Meetings 


Ready to make changes to your benefits?

Submit your changes on this form-Retiree Enrollment form


Provider ID--Be sure to include the Provider ID number for your physician when completing your form to mazimize continued access to your doctor. You can find the Provider ID number by clicking the link for the plan you are enrolling in:

Sutter Health Plus (SHP) Providers: 

Western Health Advantage (WHA) Providers: (ID is 10 characters)

United Healthcare (UHC) Providers: (ID is 10 digits)



2014 UnitedHealthcare Advantage HMO Summary of Benefits

2014 UnitedHealthcare Advantage NPPO Summary of Benefits


To compare coverage for each plan, review the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) below:

2014 Kaiser $15 HMO Summary of Benefits and Coverage

2014 Kaiser High Deductible HMO Summary of Benefits and Coverage

2014 Sutter Health Plus $15 HMO Summary of Benefits and Coverage

2014 Sutter Health Plus High Deductible HMO Summary of Benefits and Coverage

2014 WHA $15 HMO Summary of Benefits and Coverage

2014 WHA High Deductible HMO Summary of Benefits and Coverage